"Nationalist language purists revere the Shahnameh for its strict reliance on Persian vocabulary. Many 20th century scholars, like Orientalist E.G. Browne, argued that Ferdowsi practiced linguistic protectionism— deliberately avoiding the use of Arabic. It contains 706 words of Arabic origin occurring 8,938 times— approximately 9% of the total vocabulary, compared to 30% in 10th century Persian literature. The introduction and conclusion, however, have much higher proportions of Arabic. Based on the variable proportions of Arabic in segments of the Shahnameh, Mohammad Djafar Moinfar argued that subject material and style affected the percentage of loan words, not an inherent aversion to the Arabic language."
Ferdowsi’s Legacy: Examining Persian Nationalist Myths of the Shahnameh
Photo: Folio of Kayumars at his court

Learning about the Shahnameh in history of art has been my favourite part of the unit, it is truly fascinating, not only due to its history, but I mean, just look at that stunning detail! Illustrations of the Shahnameh are breathtaking

songs to be artsy to // chapter one: a two part mixtape full of songs that’ll make you want to grab a pen and sketch a little somethin.1. bloom - the paper kites // 2. home - parlor hawk // 3. falling - the civil wars // 4. the wire - haim //5. the middle east - blood // 6. laughing with - regina spektor // 7. sweater weather (acoustic) - the neighbourhood // 8. do i wanna know (acoustic) - arctic monkeys // 9. don’t panic - coldplay // 10. candles - daughter // 11. skinny love - covered by bon iver // 12. patient love - passenger // 13. we’re still here - sleeping at last 

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Im in the artsy mood and this is helping immensly
You look like a dream I’ve never had before.
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Two of my friends and I made Mendl’s Courtesan au Chocolats from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel. I am so freakin’ proud of our efforts!
Emotions are supposed to be raw, ugly, brutal…you don’t want someone to ‘sorta’ love you. You want that love to be a bursting flame, not a candle.
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